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Technology to serve you & your organization's resources efficiently
in an interconnected environment, at your desk or on the road

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User Centric

Display that what you need and nothing you don't.  
  Control your own portals and menus in the language you desire

User Definable

Want to extend the application? Want to have the ability to write your own reports? Drag and drop people, assets and alike?
All of this is supported in our application.


Our application features a multi-faceted user definable security layer, that allows securing data on organization, geography and location down to space level, as well as of course access to functional parts of the solutions


Our application has been created first and foremost with the user in mind. Voice commands, Voice Synthesis and Speech to Text are integral features of our application.


Increase your productivity with Pure IWMS

Access all the data you need in one easy to use interface, from your desk or on the road, no matter what device you prefer to use

"Pure IWMS is a window into everything that's relevant for my function in our organization. It gets all of our work in one place."

  • Menno Bosman, bosmanrealestate.com

Mobility is key with PureIWMS

Negotiating leases on the road, while allowing insight into the current available inventory, rates and most common conditions is invaluable.

"Pure IWMS provides me with the power of making informed decisions and execute agreements no matter where I am."

  • Charles Kwan, worldmalls

A fresh User Experience for your collaborative workplace

PureIWMS makes it easy to stay on top of your daily work. No late tasks. No gimmicks.


Ease of Use

An intuitive user interface allowing you & your organization to easily use the power of an IWMS

Fully IoT Integrated

Whether you want to see if a door is opened on a drawing or be able to switch lights off or on; Pure IWMS has it

Reports & Graphs

Out-of-the-box or self defined, your enterprise data is easily visualized

Full Control

You/your organization can easily define what needs to happen if a request of a type is created or what to do on a certain sensor event

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